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Every year, December 3 is known worldwide for the current status of the Divyang in society, motivating them to move forward and to discuss future welfare schemes for a golden future. Actually it is part of a campaign of the United Nations which aims to mentally empower the disabled and develop a sense of cooperation among others.

To eradicate social stigma towards the disabled and to improve their way of life by implementing a lot of support in their real life and to promote them as well as to promote awareness of people with disabilities. This day is given special importance to celebrate it annually.

Why is there a need to celebrate World Disabled Day

Most people do not know how many disabled people are there in their neighborhood. Whether they are getting their rights in the society or not. They need the help of other people present in the society to get good health and self respect but usually people do not do so. Therefore, World Disabled Day is celebrated to inform and inform the general public about the actual condition of the disabled.

How is the Day celebrated?

People from all over the world enthusiastically contribute to the festival to actively promote their rights and morality, as well as to actively promote equal rights for the disabled. This great festival is celebrated by organizing an art exhibition which promotes artifacts made by people with disabilities to show their abilities.

Apart from increasing awareness about the important role of disabled people in the society, ordinary people are also involved in protest activities to draw attention to the difficulties of disabled people.

International Day of People with a Disability Video Status


‘Convention on the Rights of the Disabled’ by the United Nations in 2006 covering a number of important issues such as the promotion, protection and rights of disabled people, their health, education, employment, housing and rehabilitation, participation in political life and equality and non-discriminatory behavior. (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities).

India signed the Convention in 2007 and ratified it.
In order to increase love and respect for the disabled people, they are being called ‘Divyang’ in India.

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